Project Statement

This project aims to bring together arid and semi-arid restoration researchers globally to pool existing data and knowledge for a deeper understanding of restoration science. Arid and semi-arid zones comprise 40% of global land cover and represent important locations for agriculture, rangeland, and extractable resources. However, extensive human land use has led to degradation over large extents of these landscapes. Efforts to restore the dominant species and structures of these ecosystems have rapidly expanded worldwide, yet reinstatement of diversity, structure, and function remains difficult.

The cornerstone of global restoration efforts often rests on seeding foundational species in degraded systems. The practical result of seeding, however, can be limited germination, recruitment, and survival of seeded species. We are exploring broad, environmental drivers of seed success, such as the role of current and historical climatic conditions or the influence of previous land use in restoration areas. By quantifying performance and trends over many projects, we can benchmark current restoration against future advancements.

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