Project Leadership

Leadership of the GAZP includes both researchers and practitioners. If you are interested in engaging with the project further, please contact one of the Project Coordinators or the appropriate Regional Coordinator.

Primary Investigators


Nancy Shackelford

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Colorado University at Boulder



Todd Erickson

Project Manager, Faculty of Science, University of Western Australia



Katharine Suding

Professor, Colorado University at Boulder


Regional Contacts

United States

DEWinkler Profile Photo


Daniel Winkler

Research Ecologist, United States Geological Survey




Owen Baughman

Precision Restoration Scientist, The Nature Conservancy, Oregon



United States and Asia



Akasha Faist

Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University

Australia and Asia

Martin Breed

Research Fellow, Faculty of Sciences, University of Adelaide



Smily photo

Luis Merino Martín

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CNRS, CEFE & INRA, AMAP, Montpellier, France

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